Mac/FTK ImagerCLI 2.9.0_Mac

FTK Imagerのコマンド版 for Mac []
$ ./ftkimager AccessData FTK Imager v2.9 CLI (May 20 2010) Copyright 2006-2010 AccessData Corp., 384 South 400 West, Lindon, UT 84042 All rights reserved. Usage: ftkimager source [dest_file] [options] source can specify a block device, a supported image file, or `-' for stdin if dest_file is specified, proper extension for image type will be appended if dest_file is `-' or not specified, raw data will be written to stdout Options: --help : display this information --list-drives : show detected physical drives --verify : hash/verify the destination image, or the source image if no destination is specified --print-info : print information about a drive or image and then exit --quiet : do not show create/verify progress information --no-sha1 : do not compute SHA1 hash during acquire or verify (The following options are valid only when dest_file is specified): --s01 : create a SMART ew-compressed image --e01 : create an E01 format image --frag x{K|M|G|T} : create image fragments at most x {K|M|G|T} in size also accepts kB, MB, GB, and TB for powers of 10 instead of 2 --compress C : set compression level to C (0=none, 1=fast, ..., 9=best) e01/smart metadata (use quote marks when X contains spaces): --case-number X --evidence-number X --description X --examiner X --notes X AD Encryption Options: --inpass P : decrypt source file using password P --incert C [P] : decrypt source file using certificate C with password P --outpass P : encrypt dest file using password P --outcert C [P] : encrypt dest file using certificate C with password P