Phrack 66 is out
0x01 Introduction TCLH 0x02 Phrack Prophile on The PaX Team TCLH 0x03 Phrack World News TCLH 0x04 Abusing the Objective C runtime Nemo 0x05 Backdooring Juniper Firewalls Graeme 0x06 Exploiting DLmalloc frees in 2009 Huku 0x07 Persistent BIOS infection .aLS & Alfredo 0x08 Exploiting UMA : FreeBSD kernel heap exploits Argp & Karl 0x09 Exploiting TCP Persist Timer Infiniteness Ithilgore 0x0A Malloc Des-Maleficarum Blackngel 0x0B A Real SMM Rootkit Core collapse 0x0C Alphanumeric RISC ARM Shellcode Y.Younan & P.Philippaerts 0x0D Power cell buffer overflow BSDaemon 0x0E Binary Mangling with Radare Pancake 0x0F Linux Kernel Heap Tempering Detection Larry H. 0x10 Developing MacOSX Rootkits Wowie & Ghalen 0x11 How close are they of hacking your brain ? Dahut